Sunday, January 9, 2011

PSE Megaworld Bull Run - Takbo para sa Ekonomiya

I ran 10K today at the Philippine Stock Exchange Bull Run. This is my first running event for the year 2011.

I woke up at about 3:30AM prepared everything and reached Bonifacio Global City by 5:00AM.

This is the first time that I ran without any friend with me. My running mate Mich is busy with work lately so she won't be able to run with me until next month. So its me, myself and I running and enjoying this event. I got no camera :( so I just depended on the official photographers of the event.

When I got there, I first looked for the baggage area where I can leave my things. I noticed that there is only 2 tents for all the categories. 2 category for each tent. So I prepared my running accessories and lined up at the baggage area for 10K runners. After that, I felt like I need to pee so I searched for the portalets and waited for my turn. I went out there at around 5:40. Just enough time for me to go and get ready for the race. 16K started 5:45AM then 10K runners by 5:50AM.

Its my second time to run at the Bonifacio Global City but first time to run at the Kalayaan Flyover. I just steadied on my relaxing pace. Not too fast, not too slow without hurting my legs and feet. I think I nailed the first 3Km before I started to walk and then did a lot of walking after that hahah!

Since I had more walks than run (like what I usually do) I noticed some good points and bad points in this event. You know since I started this running blog of mine, I thought of being more observant with the happenings in this event. And knowing that I am alone in this event, I say I super noticed flaws on some part and here is my first ever race review...

On the route map:
Like I said, It is my first time to run at the Kalayaan Flyover so for me this is really awesome. So two thumbs up for this route.

On hydrating stations:
Thumbs down with this one. On the second half of the race, stations already ran out of water and Gatorade. Thank God I decided to bring my little container of Gatorade so I am a little hydrated on my way back. I have a rule not to skip any hydrating stations when running, but what will happen if there is no more water on water stations? The last water station on my route ran out of disposable cups so I just decided to drink water using my hands. This is actually my first time to bring Gatorade with me because I always rely on water stations and I am super thankful I did or I might have collapsed at the Kalayaan Flyover on my way back.

On Event Photographers:
One thumb up, the other one down. All the photographers were really friendly and approachable. I see them taking pictures everywhere in the activity site. But only a few on the running area (except for the Finish Line). I'm sorry, but I kinda expected them at the Flyover. I expected them to be capturing photos using tripods to have more still photos rather than wearing cameras on their neck. I saw one photographer at the flyover though, on my way back at the BGC. Another good point with the photographers is the fast upload of the pictures. I already saw albums uploaded last night and tons of it this morning. Unlike the other event photographers where you're gonna wait for like a week or two before you see your pictures. I can also see that they are having fun taking photos. Actually you can see it in their shots, lots of jump shots, group pictures and the smiles on every runners faces. So good job for for the overall coverage of this event. I'm gonna familiarize myself with your group of photographers so I'm gonna know whom I'm gonna strike a pose next time hahaha!!! Oh btw, Maria is the name of the one I saw at the flyover and KB is the one who took my pic with Ms. Tessa Prieto - Valdez. Love this KB! I also found my running in action picture in your album. Thanks a lot!

On the singlet:
Two thumbs up with the singlet. The armhole is not too big for me unlike other singlet where I have to wear an inner shirt because my bra is showing up. The design of the bull is also cool! I feel like I am running like a Bull! lol!

The Finishers Kit:
Thumbs up with my Century Chilli Corned Tuna!!! The bag is cute and the banana is yummy. I already expected a bottle of Gatorade inside so... :)

The Race Timing 
All thumbs up together with the toes! I was amazed with the fast result and I got my result with picture already haha! Very good itemhound for the fast update of your time. The itemhound tent is so damn cool!!! Well, I am so overwhelmed by this because you know I am not a professional runner and I am just relying on to my wrist watch with my time but this itemhound experience is so different. The lady who is assisting us with our time is very nice also.

The Baggage Area:
Two thumbs down. :( What is the use of segregating bags per category when they found my bag at the 3K category? I thought my bag is lost already because I kept on looking and asking them to scatter the bags so I can see those that are underneath the other bags. I got worried when I realized that I am already there staring at those bags for 30minutes already. I just heard someone shouting my race bib number and that he got my bag on the 3k categorys floor. So when they gave me my bag I told them "Bakit nasa 3K yung bag ko?"(why is my bag on the 3k?) and then left.

There you go. These are my "few" noticed somethings in this event. Since I dont have a camera, I just super relied on the friendly photographers and hoped that I have some pretty good shots in this event.

Oh by the way my official time in this race is 1:27:06. I beat my previous PR for 10K by 38 seconds! hahaha! I know right, its like a joke or something! Fun fun fun!

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