Saturday, January 15, 2011

42.195Km = MARATHON!

As a newbie in running, there are terms that are so new to me and are misused if I had not been into running. I have heard words like "fun run" and "marathon" and thought that they were actually the same. However, after joining several runs and a few research online, I have learned that these running events have different categories and different terms. If you are really not into running, you probably have abused the true meaning of every word you say about it.

So here are the common mistakes I have learned so far in the world of running:

Marathon = 42.195Kms in distance. We cannot call a 3Kms a marathon nor a 10Kms. If you say "marathon" its a 42.195Kms nothing more nothing less...

Half Marathon = 21Kms. Also called "half Mary" Again do not call any distance a half marathon if its not 21Kms.

15Kms and below are "fun runs". So you cannot say "I ran a 10K marathon" Thats so wrong because 10K is not considered as a marathon.

There are also some people who run 55Km and this one I think is called "ultramarathon"

Well, I don't know the other terms yet but I am sure runners will not get offended by me when I use "marathon", "half-marathon" and a "fun run" because now I definitely know what I am talking about!


  1. Great for you to be correcting basic mistakes people make in running nomenclature. As addtional info for your readers, here's a comprehensive list of marathons in Asia and Australia this year:
    Welcome to the running world!

  2. @ The Scientist Runner, hey thanks for visiting! yeah, training for a marathon is not that easy (besides it is so hard!!!) so marathoners should get respect that they deserve. Will now go and check your blog...