Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Runniversary

My first run happened last May 29, 2010.

This is the Kerygma Fun Run. I am a fan of Bro Bo Sanchez so, I registered on the longest distance of this event - 5K. Hahaha! My friend Mich was actually the one who insisted/forced me to join the 5K. I am hesitant at first because I dont have any idea how far that was. It was held at the MOA grounds. Thousands of people joined this event and I will never forget how fun my first run was.

In this first run, my husband and daughter were also there to support me. They are there waiting for me in the finish line. The 5K route on this event is known as the C-loop (technically it is 6K long).

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Run United 2 Certificate

Hah! I just got my certificate to day! I didn't know this! I wasn't able to make  review about this race because my time is not really the best after all. I am so shocked when a courier is walking towards our store holding a big envelope with  very familiar logo! So I was like, is that for me? The lady messenger said, "Lorinda De Guzman?" So I shouted, Thats Me!!! What is this?!! She said "Ma'am Certificate nyo po nung Unilab Run, may picture din dito saka baller." (Ma'am this is your certificate from your Unilab run, it also have a picture and a baller inside.) She also told me to open it first before she leave so that she'll know if the package is complete.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

42.195Km = MARATHON!

As a newbie in running, there are terms that are so new to me and are misused if I had not been into running. I have heard words like "fun run" and "marathon" and thought that they were actually the same. However, after joining several runs and a few research online, I have learned that these running events have different categories and different terms. If you are really not into running, you probably have abused the true meaning of every word you say about it.

So here are the common mistakes I have learned so far in the world of running:

Sunday, January 9, 2011

PSE Megaworld Bull Run - Takbo para sa Ekonomiya

I ran 10K today at the Philippine Stock Exchange Bull Run. This is my first running event for the year 2011.

I woke up at about 3:30AM prepared everything and reached Bonifacio Global City by 5:00AM.

This is the first time that I ran without any friend with me. My running mate Mich is busy with work lately so she won't be able to run with me until next month. So its me, myself and I running and enjoying this event. I got no camera :( so I just depended on the official photographers of the event.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Just wanna show my running gears. My partners in running.

Here is my Knee support which I started loving since I used it and ran a pretty long distance and didn't feel any sore. I already blogged about it Here.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I ran approximately 6 - 7 Kilometers yesterday

Yesterday, I had the chance to wake up as early as 5AM. Since Ashly and hubby is still asleep, I decided to wear my running shoes and hit the road. I just took a jeepney to Luneta and started from there.

I started running at around 5:45AM and decided to run straight to the MAll of Asia. I reached MOA around 6:30AM. I ran along the Roxas Blvd, then turned right to CCP complex to Macapagal then MOA. I wore a knee and thigh support on my right leg thinking that it is more weaker than my right then I noticed while I was passing in front of the World Trade Center, I feel a little tired and a little sore on my left leg.

Having some support for your leg really does something good when your running. The pressure is so nice to feel nothing after that long run. I just got this support at the Isetan - Recto. I think I just got it at around PHP100 to PHP100 only.

Will definitely gonna wear these supports on both of my legs on Sunday where I am gonna be running 10K on the PSE Bull Run event at the Bonifacio Global City.

See you there!