Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Run United 2 Certificate

Hah! I just got my certificate to day! I didn't know this! I wasn't able to make  review about this race because my time is not really the best after all. I am so shocked when a courier is walking towards our store holding a big envelope with  very familiar logo! So I was like, is that for me? The lady messenger said, "Lorinda De Guzman?" So I shouted, Thats Me!!! What is this?!! She said "Ma'am Certificate nyo po nung Unilab Run, may picture din dito saka baller." (Ma'am this is your certificate from your Unilab run, it also have a picture and a baller inside.) She also told me to open it first before she leave so that she'll know if the package is complete.

So I immediately opened it and see this wonderful wonderful things inside. It Includes my certificate, my picture, and a lavender baller with a 15K label on it. I am so happy to see the certificate with my name and the the "15K Finisher" under it. Though I actually messed up with this race because I really did not prepare for this one (not even a kilometer run before the race day) I am still satisfied that I was able to finish it. Its just that I promised myself that I am really gonna do some preparations whenever I joined a run again.

I am so happy about the baller aside from its violet, one of my favorite color, it has a 15K print on it. So I am wearing it now as I write this article.

The picture. Oh God! The picture! I look terrible! hahah! But my husband loved it! Though he did not say it really. haha! I know he do! lol! This is not one of my best picture from photovendo but I'm fine with it.

This is really a surprise for me. I never thought there was a certificate because I am already satisfied with the finishers kit that I got. And now with this, I will definitely gonna run again on the next Unilabs Run United and all the Runrio Trilogy. Good Job to all the organizers and staffs and all the people behind thi wonderful wonderful event!!!

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