Friday, January 7, 2011


Just wanna show my running gears. My partners in running.

Here is my Knee support which I started loving since I used it and ran a pretty long distance and didn't feel any sore. I already blogged about it Here.

This is one is my running shoes. I got it for like two years ago. It looks like this one needs to be replaced now. But I don't have enough you know, money yet to buy a new good pair for running so I need to stick up with this one for some more time. This is Fila, I got it at the mall on SALE. I don't know what model this is exactly.

And here is my visor, I got it as a Christmas present from my husband. This is actually my second one. I lost the first one at the Star City when we went there last Christmas. Its actually the same though just in different color. My first one is like brownish - grey in color. The one that I wore here in this post. This time I chose white, for a change. Bought it at Toby's in SM San Lazaro.

I don't have a hydrating belt yet but currently I am using this belt bag that I got at the Ladies Bag Department in SM San Lazaro also. I can't remember the brand anymore but its pretty cheap. Small enough to put my cellphone and my camera inside. Waterproof. Stylish. I just can't run as much as I can with a hydrating belt but this one will do for me. Like I said I am not the super athletic type of runner. I just run because of that addictive finish line! hahaha!

So there, I dont use sun glasses but maybe in the future I will. I dont have my signature singlet, I dont have that supper support get up because all of them costs too much for me. Right now I am having problems with my running shoes because I dont think it can run with me on Skyway for a whooping 21K anymore. So I just need to do something to get a new pair.

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